Quality & Technology

Selecting the appropriate technology for the planned type of greening requires specialist knowledge and experience. In the case of green roofs, mistakes that are made at the stage of design, selection of materials, or execution can be very expensive.

Proper adjustment of the drainage and retention system allows for effective management of rainwater on the roof. On the other hand, the growth of plants and the efficient functioning of drainage are closely related to the vegetation substrate used.

At ZIDA, we provide professional advice and substantive support at every stage of construction – from design to execution and service. Our offer includes the highest quality volcanic substrates as well as drainage and retention systems that will allow you to design every kind of green roof – both simple and economical, and the most technologically advanced.

Volcanic Substrates

Quality & Technology

We pack the substrates in safe, disposable big bags. Labeled packaging guarantees that the delivered substrate comes from ZIDA and meets the highest quality standards. Each bag is additionally provided with a seal indicating the type and batch number of the substrate.

In our production, we use only thoroughly tested raw materials approved for use in horticulture. Deliveries made only by our trusted contractors with appropriate licenses and constant laboratory control of raw materials and finished products ensure the highest quality, unchanging parameters, and a strong supply chain. The key ingredient used in the production process is a volcanic rock with excellent water retention and air capacity, which at the same time supplies the vegetation with basic nutrients – basalt tuff.

The proper distribution of fractions used in the production of aggregates ensures appropriate physical properties of the substrate and limits its subsidence. We carefully select the appropriate aggregate for each type of substrate. The size of the rock fragments used does not exceed 16mm. Our substrate does not contain glass, stones, or broken bricks, which should never be found in a yard accessible to children.

We do not use mineral soil or reclaimed bricks in the production process. Thanks to this, we are sure that the investments carried out by our customers are free from contaminants such as weed seeds and shoots, construction waste, and the worst ones: asbestos and chemicals from construction debris of unknown origin and agricultural land. Our substrate also does not contain the remains of plaster and render fibers or mortar, which all contain quicklime and therefore are harmful to plant roots.

What do we use?

Apart from the already mentioned basalt tuff, we mainly use washed sands, expanded clay, clean garden compost, and lignite. All raw materials are prepared for the production of the substrate in advanced technological processes, in which they reach the appropriate granularity and flowability. Each ingredient is regularly tested in our laboratory. Quality, proper selection, and preparation of raw materials are the key factor in obtaining a perfect product. What do we do if delivery does not meet our strict standards? We either dispose it or return it to the supplier!


Lignite used as a substrate component ensures excellent soil properties and releases humic acids that accelerate the development of the root systems. The lignite substrate increases the plant resistance to drought.

We deliver excellent and constant technical parameters.

The amount of floatable fractions hazardous to drainage systems in our substrate is over three times lower than allowed by the international FLL standards – all while maintaining excellent water capacity parameters. Optimal air capacity provides the right conditions for a plant’s root development. The quality of our substrates is confirmed by regular tests performed for us by the Institute of Horticulture in Skierniewice. We also double-check it ourselves in our laboratory as well as in experimental crops which we cultivate not only for each type of substrate we produce but also for new mixtures that we prepare to introduce in our offer. In our Innovation and Optimization Department, we conduct daily research, test new ingredients and recipes, and improve production methods. All this to always offer the highest quality products, thanks to which the users of green roofs will be able to enjoy lush and healthy greenery for many years. With our substrates, the grass is always greener!

ZIDA substrates meet all technical, formal, and legal requirements for horticultural substrates used on building roofs and comply with the internationally recognized FLL guidelines.

We take care of every detail.

The safety and aesthetics of green areas is our priority. That is why our substrates are among the best in the world, successfully competing with German or Dutch products. In Poland, we offer a completely new quality!Radisson Blu

We provide a 5-year guarantee * on our substrate!

* The warranty covers the maintenance of the key physical properties (water permeability and capacity) of the substrate that are specified in the Product Technical Data Sheet, for 5 years from the sale’s date.

Drainage systems

ZidaDren 20

ZidaDren 20 – drainage and retention mat made of recycled hardened polyethylene (HDPE)

Premade system solutions developed by us for individual types of greening ensure optimal conditions for the development of vegetation on the roof. Complete green roof packages offer multiple technical solutions prepared for the most popular types of roof vegetation. They help those who do not have the detailed technical knowledge to design and properly implement basic types of greening, such as sedum, flower meadow, lawn, perennials and shrubs, and even trees. System solutions also include pedestrian and car communication routes. Moreover, we provide solutions for the construction of retention and drainage roofs.

ZidaBoard 20

ZidaBoard 20 – drainage and retention panel made of 100% recycled materials: 150 PET bottles and 2 used car floor mats

All materials used in the drainage systems go through appropriate tests and have necessary approvals for use in the construction process that ensure long-term, trouble-free operation.

Quality is not everything! Using recycled and low-carbon materials, we are taking care of our planet wherever possible without losing product quality!