About Us

ZIDA is an innovative technology company focused on ecological solutions for the construction industry. Our main goal is to provide environment-friendly and durable technologies that help to reduce the carbon footprint and effectively introduce greenery to urban areas.

ZiDA Team


We focus our activities on two areas: solutions for the construction of green roofs and additives for cement and concrete.

Our volcanic substrates are specialized substrates for establishing vegetation in difficult urban locations: on green roofs, in road lanes, and on green fire roads. One of the main features of our substrates is an exceptionally low carbon footprint obtained thanks to a significant reduction in the consumption of materials whose production is associated with high emissions – replacing crushed brick with natural rock. In our offer in addition to substrates, you will also find complete green roof systems, including dedicated technical nonwovens, drainage mats, accessories, vegetation mats, seed mats, and many more.

Our production plants are located in key locations to ensure excellent logistics throughout Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, eastern Germany, and Scandinavia.

Our volcanic substrates are the guarantee of healthy and good-looking greenery not only on the building’s roof but also on patios, yards, playgrounds, sports fields, or other green areas located on top of underground garages.

With our substrates, the grass is always greener!

It’s our mission to provide the best green roof solutions available on the market at reasonable prices. We never compromise on quality.

With our unique resources, we have developed innovative volcanic materials for the production of cement and concrete. The additive prepared based on finely grounded tuff allows for a significant reduction in the content of clinker, slag, and fly ash in the cement, while maintaining its high binding parameters. Our volcanic material gives the green light to produce pozzolanic cement with a carbon footprint up to 30% lower than standard types of cement!

ZIDA is an active member of the industry associations: